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I'll swear off...

...all the parties in public places!


Why do those kinda things always happen to me? I twisted my knee in January and now I twisted my ankle. Unbelievable! It’s wrapped around in plaster and I can hardly walk. Sure, I got crutches too but it’s still weird. Despite the fact of being unable to walk and having fun w/ the new crowd it was a lovely weekend. Putting the fact that my pure heart got broken again b/c I saw ‘her’ kissing some other chick I feel awkward. I finally met a new woman who touched my heart and gave me the feeling of being something special and then she was making out w/ a straight girl. Unfortunately nothing will happen between her and me. ‘She’s’ like Shane-4-real and someone like that is not good for me. U don’t really wanna introduce ‘Shane’ to ur family –na, won’t happen!


Well, keep ur fingers crossed that I will be able to walk proper next weekend. The new girls wanna go to Berlin and have a blast –celebrate a birthday. Sounds like real fun^^


Good night and sleep tight!

8.4.08 03:12

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