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There are those certain moments...

...when u think nothing's right!


Fucking Bullshit it is! Aaaaaaahhhh!!! Why the fuck does this always happen to me?! I don't get it -I don't. What is the problem with all those motherfuckers in this world? Apparently, it’s the money –it’s always the fucking money. If u have it, u shouldn't be worried - if u don't, well, u're fucked up. Loyalty and friendship are sometimes just way overrated. U're ur own little boss. Merde! There're those people they keep pushing and pushing and pushing. They don't really seem to understand or at least try to understand what the fuck is going on. They're walking around with blinkers. They don't even think about anything else. Sure, I have to admit, that it's a fucking serious world we're living in, b/ they do not have the right to put u in the position they always wanted. That's not right. God damned! This is MY life and I don't want to be pushed and shoved around. I have my own dreams and I want to realize them w/ or w/o the help of people I fucking care about. I know for sure that I am far different then all the other guys around me. My life's a fucking mess. Nothing works out. I don't feel up to the fucking mark. What the hell am I actually doing? Others ask fucked up questions about my life. Why the fuck are they doing this? Do they think they have the right to justify me or even pigeonhole me...FUCK...NO!!! Well, moreover I get the idea that they just use me for their own little sake of happiness. I guess I have to turn the tables. But this just makes me the same fucked up pricks as they are. Am I getting pricks of conscience? Aaaaahhh...whatever! Try the best to survive -best thing I can think of!


I won't go down on my knees and beg -won't happen -never! People out there get a grip on urselves, really -u're weird. And I am gonna pick up the pieces of my own messed and fucked up life. U know, sometimes I think that certain dingbats get hold of the wrong end of the stick -unbelievable! I have the gift of gab b/ sometimes a shut mouth catches no flies. Mess w/ me and I am gonna stick the knife in first.


The hard you do immediately.
The impossible takes a little bit longer.

13.3.08 02:12

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